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Lyra Pole Inset (A-Pole)

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$26.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

45mm Pole Insert to hold the all new LYRA-pole hoop in matching Powder-Coated Black colour.

Sold with bearings, but not with Stage Base or with the LyraPole, which are sold separately.

Please note this is half the normal X-Stage pole insert - approx 1.5m high. It is only suitable for use with the X-POLE Lyra-pole hoop and it is not tall enough to use as a dance pole.

If you have a 40mm or a 50mm wide pole insert, you will need to purchase a 45mm A-POLE & bearings to install a Lyra pole on your stage base (unless you want a matching Power-Coated Black finish).

If you have a 45mm pole insert already you will not need to purchase this. Please be aware that brass is a softer metal & if you do not want your A-POLE to bow, we recommend buying this A-POLE to use with your Lyra-pole hoop.